How it Works


We offer a very simple ‘no frills’ white dove release Melbourne service, with a couple of easy options:

1. Hand Release your white doves…we’ll teach you or your friends/family how to easily hold and release your doves prior to your event. Relax, you’ll be fully comfortable and confident to release on the day.

2. Carry Cage Release…simply open the carry cage side door, stand well away and your white doves will fly free.

Our white doves are trained to fly directly back to their cosy loft home.

At $44 per dove we’re very affordable because we don’t have anyone in attendance at your event. You or family or friends, can pick up the doves from Hurstbridge, or can pre-arrange a pet courier or dove friendly Uber to deliver to your event.

Sorry under no circumstances can you release doves indoors, or on very hot or heavy rain days. And keep birds away from cats, dogs and kids to minimise their stress.

Please review the FAQs before Making a Booking.