shutterstock_88413985FAQs – White Dove Release Melbourne

1. Do you attend to coordinate releasing of the doves?

No, ours is a very simple DIY offering! However we show you or friends/family how to easily hand release the doves when you pickup from Hurstbridge, or if you prefer you can just open the carry cage and they will fly free.

2. What if we can’t pick up the doves as we’re too busy planning the event?

Ask family or friends to pickup, and many people arrange for a dove friendly Uber or taxi. Remember to book them in well ahead. Sorry we don’t deliver. Pickup is preferred on the evening prior to your event.

3. Do you dress the dove carry pens in our theme?

No, its a simple DIY service and we encourage you to dress and adorn the dove carry pen with your own colours, such as a table cloth, flowers etc

4. What happens to the doves once they are released?

They will circle to find their bearings and are trained to fly back directly to their cosy loft home.

5. What if its really hot weather or raining?

Its stressful for doves in very hot weather….so we dont proceed with bookings on days which are forecasted to be over 33 degrees. Wet weather is ok, as long as heavy rain is not forecasted. We fully refund if cancelled due to weather.

6. What if the doves wont leave their carry pen?

They will. Importantly, once you’ve fully opened the larger exit gate for the birds, stand well away from the dove carry pen, at least 5 meters. Ensure that you stand on the opposite side to their exit.

7. What are your fees?

Just $44 per dove if you bring your own carry cage. (for example a cat carry cage can transport a maximum of 2 birds, even a large cardboard box, that you and the kids dress up beautifully, can work well)

If you need a carry cage its an additional $250, of which $200 is refunded upon return of carry cage in good condition within 21 days.

Once you submit your booking form, fees plus gst are payable immediately to secure your booking.

Fees are not refundable, unless weather is too hot or too wet.